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Welcome to the workshop Natalia Pustyl'nik

We sell professional tools for gilding: agate burnishers for gold leaf, tools for cutting ornament on gesso, figured punches and stumps for decoration ornament.

Agate burnishers are very useful for polishing the surface and small elements in the carving of gold or silver. It is an indispensable tool in any goldsmith church iconography and any interior parts.

With the help of tools for cutting on gesso (we have two type- sharp and blunt) gilders pre-cut ornament on gesso.

Figured stamps and punches applied to a variety of punches at the final stage of the gilding. This makes it possible to diversify the beautifully finished ornament on your icon.

Also you can buy a special sponge sanding for gesso and bolus, as well as himself bole (poliment) and glue for gilding, conveniently packaged into small containers.

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